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Disaster RecoveryTroubleshooting • Full Support & Consultation

We’re here to do whatever computer support you need, when you need it, so you can focus on managing your core business. Our best metric of success is our clients. They’re proof we’re up for any challenge you throw our way. With an epic response time, RAD Computing is here 24/7 with real techs that are going to help – no answering service and no outsourced calls. We offer personal computer and network support services beyond what any other company can offer.

Day or Night Support

We’re here for our clients 24/7/365. Even if your business isn’t operating around the clock, you’ll always have peace of mind that we’re available when and where you need us.

Quick Response

Our response time is FAST – and guaranteed for all ongoing customers. RAD’s team is second to none in this area… in fact, we’d patent ourselves if we could.

Complete Solutions

Let us take care of everything for you. We offer personal service, direct communication for an intimate, hands-on approach, and a business network support team that is rivaled by none. We’re solution-oriented for maximum efficiency.

Emergency & Disaster Recovery

When your business computer systems go down, you need immediate solutions – no waiting on hold to talk to an overseas technician, no scheduled appointments for 3 days from now. RAD Computing offers on-call rapid response network support that is above and beyond what any other company offers. Make one phone call and we’ll mobilize our resources immediately.

Let us be a trusted, seasoned addition to your team – one that knows your systems in detail and will work around the clock to get you back up to full operation. Part of our ongoing service includes regular checks on your system backups and data restoration with full quality assurance, so when you’re in an emergency we can handle it with minimal downtime.

Troubleshooting Support

Troubleshooting and remedy skills are our specialty. Our team approach guarantees that you’ll have fast answers, concise recommendations, and a cost-effective implementation plan. We handle your computer and network troubleshooting so you don’t have the stress of finding a solution on your own. Without a doubt, our team is experienced, energetic, patient and completely in tune with how your systems are working. We are efficient and solution oriented, and we are ready to give your business our personal attention.

Virtual IT Support & Consultation

As an extension of your IT staff, we guarantee performance excellence on an as-needed or project basis. For start-ups and small organizations, let RAD be your virtual IT staff and commercial network support, and free you up to concentrate on other business priorities.

If you’re just starting to think about a new IT project or you have questions about something you’ve been researching for awhile, let RAD be your sounding board. With a quick phone call or meeting we can give you “fresh eyes” and objective feedback. Whatever the project scale, we love helping our clients in any support capacity they need.

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