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Cyber security in Connecticut is a giant priority for all of our clients, regardless of their size. RAD’s team takes the time to understand your business and IT operations thoroughly, which is vital to ensuring that proper security solutions are in place. Some systems and user activities have more inherent risks than others, and our techs are highly experienced in knowing what those are.

No matter if you need CT cybersecurity consulting or just a routine network security check, we offer comprehensive strategies for any type of organization. In today’s unpredictable environment, a company’s internal network security is extremely important – you don’t want to leave yourself open to anyone of countless risks. From Connecticut cyber security, mobile protection, cloud backup and recovery, and industry compliance, RAD can assist you in covering all your bases. Let the security team at RAD Computing handle all of your network security and cyber security consulting CT so you can get back to business.

Full Security Strategies for Any Industry

We can put together a complete suite of services designed specifically for your company to address any types of security issues, concerns, or pro-active measures. RAD is available 24/7 for emergencies, and you will always speak with a real tech, not an answering service or overseas person. We provide robust security solutions that ensure your data and network safety.

  • Industry Compliance: Our in-house and partner resources help keep your business in compliance with your industry requirements such as bulk email, medical records privacy, and more.
  • Security Audits: We will assess your servers, firewall configuration, and other aspects of cyber security. We conduct network penetration tests, port scans and vulnerability testing.  We will provide a comprehensive list of actionable recommendations.
  • Disaster Recovery: Our experience ranges from computer viruses to worksite fires. By putting processes and technologies in place upfront, the rebuilding is quick with minimal downtime.
  • Firewall: Trust our experts with the latest proven technologies and security measures. These include blocking & isolating problem issues, web content control, and filtering to prevent unauthorized access across all your assets.
  • Email Security: Have more peace of mind when we handle spam filtering, virus prevention, email scrubbing, and control of inbound/outbound email flow.
  • VPN Connectivity: Virtual private networks are secure and reliable when properly designed to support remote users, encrypt data and connect your company resources in various locations.

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